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Is there a plan to remove legacy interaction?

Since the legacy and 2.0 are using different system. I think we need to take time make new animation in 2.0 to replay the legacy animation.

Hi Jason!

I reached out to the team working on the interaction systems.

We are planning to eventually remove support for our legacy interactions system, but we’re at least 6 months away from that happening.

When that timeline becomes more clear we will notify everybody well ahead, to give plenty of time for converting site interactions to interactions 2.0!

The interactions 2.0 will receive usability updates before this happens so stay tuned!


Hi Illari,

Just to clarify on the “converting site interactions to IX2” - will this be done by the update/migration itself or do we have to manually swap out all existing Legacy interactions and convert them to IX2? I ask because I have built many websites using Legacy interactions and you can imagine the nightmare that it would create if all of a sudden they no longer function properly (I no longer work with some of my old clients).