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Is there a Nav Bar Limit

Is there a limit on the number of items that can appear on a navbar (iphone 4s).

Currently… my navbar displays the hamburger icon, and 5 items below it.

If I scroll up… the background screen briefly scrolls up

  • then is covered up the 6th item on the navbar.

Problem is… I have a 7th item that never appears.

In design mode - on a desktop - I see all the menu items.

In real life - on an iphone 4s… I see the issue described above.

Here’s the published test site.

Again… issue appears on an iphone 4s.

Hi @Revolution, the mobile nav menu that is shown with the hamburger icon does not scroll nav links, so if you have more than what shows at one time on the phone screen, I would suggest to add a little different structure and extra styling and create a scrollable mobile nav menu.

Check out an example on the demo kit:
Page: Scrollable Mobile Nav Menu

​I hope this helps, Cheers :slight_smile:

Your setup is a little different than mine.
When I drop a navbar onto the form… it creates a containers.

In order to replicate yours… I deleted the container and added a div.

Also… on an iPhone 4S… is this normal behavior:
(see option 6 and 7 onScroll)