Is the Tab Widget Buggy?

I’ve been working all day on a simple tab widget for a client job. I’m not doing anything custom. Essentially I have a tab with four tab links. When the tab is “active” I have uploaded a particular PNG graphic. When the tab is not active, I have a different PNG graphic. What’s weird is I can get one tab to work fine, then when I go to work on Tab 2 or Tab 3, Tab 1 reverts back to another graphic or even just a blank background. But it was working before…It’s like playing whack-a-mole. I’m just wondering if the tab widget is known to be buggy.

Hey joe,

Can you please give me a read-only link here is how:How to Enable a Webflow Share Link :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I wish I could but I’m under an NDA and it’s for a client project. I think I got it working but it was just going back and replacing images and the replacing them again and again and again. It’s not terribly difficult a task but it just wasn’t working.

Anyway, now I notice it doesn’t look right responsively. I’ve uploaded the exact same size images but on a horizontal phone some appear much bigger than the others.

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Ok no issues hope you can get it working :smile:

Sorry i couldn’t help

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