Is the new Shyp layout possible in webflow?

Hi guys and girls, I really like the new shyp website and was wondering if this would be possible in webflow? If you think its possible, would you mind sharing any tips or idea’s here?

Please see the shyp website here

Anything is possible with the magic of CSS. :slight_smile:

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@thesergie anything is possible, but how did your mate Dan petty do it with Shyp? Plus I was hoping for a little more insight :wink:

Not sure if Dann was involved with the development of it. First thing I would think of as playing with z-index and having big angular svg covering the left side of the header with another layer underneath with the image and content. The green line may be connected to that svg or is separate. The subsequent sections are just centered text maybe with some left margin.

Just some ideas!


When im in the developer tools I can see the green line is css on shyps site. thought I would share what I have so fare

What I cannot work out is that it breaks on larger screens. strange, if anyone is keen to have a crack, feel free to join in, its more to see how these great site are put together and build our skills.