Is the new Grid's Row Drag button in panel controls, not working?

Are these handles functional? I can’t seem to drag rows up and down anyway… which creates problems - Lets say I want to add a new row at the very top after creating a 15 row grid?

Hi @tizrai

If you’re adding a row that is the same as all the other rows or columns, then where it is placed should make no difference in this case.

If however you have one row that is 2FR, and 10 rows that are 1FR, then you can move this row or column to where you need it and it will show in the list and on the canvas.

Moving a row or column doesn’t move the content, it will just adjust the layout as necessary. In your screenshot, moving row 7 to row 2 would still give the same result as they all have an automatic size.

Hope that makes sense?! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. I definitely did not know that!!
But, the issue is:
What if I want to move all the content in the bottom row (pointed) to the very top of the grid. Do I have to manually drag everything one row down so as to make space on the top… or is there something I am missing…

Any thoughts community? @cyberdave @pixelgeek

Yes, grid controls are pretty limited currently. Hopefully the next update will bring some additional functionality to the way we interact with the content in the grid.

Ok… no problems! Thanks for the answer…

Would love to see this added.

Is this still not resolved? I have a very simple amount of text content I want to add to the top row of my grid. Dragging content doesn’t work. I find it hard to believe something this simple doesn’t have a solution…

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