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Is the dreaded IE8 supported?

I’m getting ready to take the plunge and revamp my portfolio using Webflow. The question I have is (drum roll)… What versions of IE is supported? I’m sure IE9/10+ will be cool.

Is IE8 supported? (Only concerned because I’m currently looking for a job and don’t want a company to happen to look at my port in IE8 and see it explode. If this is the case I prob don’t wanna work there.)

heh, not really an answer to your question but if it did blow up in IE8 that might be a good way to thin out the herd so-to-speak =)

I did however notice one issue I had even with IE10 where some of my images didn’t show up. Looking via the inspector, (I hate IE’s inspector tool btw) I found that images had inline height and width with “auto” values which I guess IE doesn’t like. I had to go back into webflow, choose the image properties (not the style rules) and where the values were “auto” for both width and height…I had to highlight the word “auto” and hit delete on the keyboard. They repopulated with “auto” but after republishing the inline width/height on images didn’t show up in IE anymore. Strange behavior, not sure if this has happened to anyone else though.

Thanks for the response. (Yeah I think your right on the IE8 comment.) I’m going to continue moving forward and hope for the best. I will also be on the look out for the issue that you mentioned as well.

Currently, we are targeting IE9 and up support for published sites. Unfortunately, IE8 is a much tougher beast to tame, but we’ll try to fix any issues that we have control over as they are reported.

@pingram3541, thanks for catching the height=“auto” issue in IE10 - investigating it now.

This is great to hear!! Really I think pingram3541 said it best… I probably can weed out companies that are viewing/working in IE8. Since it is my portfolio for a job I want to target progressive companies not ones still stuck in the dark ages.

just remember, sometimes beggars cant be choosers, so here’s to wishing you the best of success with your portfolio and your career and hopefully webflow will continue to make your work easier too.

Why don’t we just let IE8 die…? Wouldn’t be easier to give people links to modern browsers when they get into our page? If they get that page 10 times they will obey and download ff, gc or safari. IE is painful, slow, resists modern tech…

Yeah I am a fan of that thinking when it applies. I worked for a company that just would not let IE8 or ah hem 7 die at all. They were very resistant to change. I feel that depending on what you do, some clients need support for it. For me I’m just a bit nervous that when searching for a job that there might be a great company that has an HR person still stuck on IE8. Guess what, they look at my portfolio and you know what happens next.

I’m personally ready for 8 to vanish.

Hey @pingram3541, we pushed a fix to patch the IE10 issue - please let us know at if you keep seeing it. Unfortunately, it’s not retroactive, so it only applies to new images (or if you go back and change your inline image dimensions).

@callmevlad looks to be good! Thanks.