Is starter site good enough for dev and demo purpose?

Hello i’d like to move away from WordPress and migrate our company (digital marketing and web development) workflow to webflow. Before i decide to really commit to webflow i would like to test out the features of webflow → is starter site good enough for building small (unpublished) ecommerce store for demo purpose so you can decide whether a paid version is worth it? Are there any paywalls for unpublished demo pages that would maybe be an obstacle for me?

I don’t believe you can fully test the checkout process on a starter (staging) site but you can do a lot. Worth testing there and it’s free. I might be wrong.

There are numerous ways to integrate ecommerce into a webflow site but the native functionality usually doesn’t meet user expectations. Integration with an outside platform will probably require a paid account to fully test as well.

Thank you for your reply! We usually make simple stores for small clients - not alot of products and usually just basic ecommerce functionality. Do you think webflow could be suited for that?