Is placing collection items inside tabs okay?

Hey everyone,

I have a blog page that needs some filtering and sorting functionalities. I’ve used tabs at the moment and added the collection inside each tab pane. Is this an elegant solution? Or would it greatly affect the performance of the page especially as the collection of posts grow?

Do you recommend a more elegant solution? I’m fairly new to web development and Webflow so I’d appreciate any guidance here.

Here’s a Loom for more context: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Thank you.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Overcoming PTSD
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hi @eli-webdesigner I have watched your video and consider it as nice problem worth to solve. Standard way how to do these things are API calls (req, res) but here is my solution (hack) :wink: using only JS in WF.

Hope you can get an idea from it or feel free improve this code. As video is large feel free to download it for later reference as I will delete it when cleaning Cloud space.

Have a fun. :vulcan_salute:


EDIT: Finsweet have some kind of filtering method as well (based on CSS classes) and I thing that is popular in WF community.

EDIT 2: I wasn’t happy when original w-dyn-item stayed in DOM and caused shift movement so I have add extra function to remove these and now in DOM stay only newly injected elements. It is a bit cleaner.

hi @eli-webdesigner any feedback if this solved your issue?

@Stan Hello! so sorry for the delayed response here as I was out of pocket for the last few days.

Anyway, I’m excited to check out your solution, but after trying to click on the links, they don’t seem to do anything. Have you taken it down?

HI @eli-webdesigner as there was not feedback on possible solution I have removed video and all links. I will send you PM with links.