Is not possible to drag and drop elements in the grid

I am not able to move elements in a grid to another position. Webflow arrange then all elements new. Some weeks ago this worked. I am not able to finish my projects. Look here at the first grid on this side:

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@Bettina_Lucas that’s because your elements are set to ‘auto’, switching to ‘manual’ will allow you to change them.

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Oh thank you! Is this new?

@Bettina_Lucas it’s been this way since the new version of Grid was released. Somewhere in Spring? Here’s the article about it

Before was better. I have now every element to set on manual

@Bettina_Lucas if you hold the ‘shift’ key as you drag, it will place the item manually, not auto. it’s worth keeping up with new releases in webflow to avoid surprises like this :slight_smile:

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