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Is it safe to use full stop characters in the name of a CSS class?

Is it safe to use full stop characters In the name of a CSS class?

Could you try and let us know whether it works?

It you try to write a full stop in the name of a class, Webflow omits it. If you edit the class name then Webflow allows it. It is the same situation with underscores.

The questions is, is this a bug or a mechanism to prevent writing such symbols in case they cause problems in the code?

For example, I had an ID with a full stop in it and it turned out that the full stop caused problems - the custom attribute for in-page linking scrolling speed would not work. When I removed the full stop from the ID, it worked.

I wouldn’t use a period for class names. This is because the CSS selector uses it. If you have a period, then I think it splits up the class names into two.

Hm, then Webflow should prevent this by giving an error message, not by simply omitting such characters. Omitting makes you think that there’s a bug. @cyberdave what do you think?

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