Is it possible with Webflow?

I have posted two threads in the forum. But I don’t think I have explained very well what I’m needing to do. I’m not even sure if it’s possible. Which is really what I’m trying to figure out. I’m going to give it one more shot with a really simple explanation. If it is possible, I’d really like to chat with someone that knows how to do it (I’m willing to hire someone to help me).

The one page website consists of 3 parts/requirements: 1) A background image that always fills its container (vertically and horizontally) - it doesn’t matter if it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, portrait, landscape, etc.; 2) A logo and rotating tag line that are always centered horizontally; and as a “unit,” centered vertically (see the attached image below) - some of the tag lines might wrap to two or even three lines; 3) When someone either hovers over the logo (desktop/laptop) or touches on the logo (mobile/tablet), an email subscription box needs to display; 4) A visitor should never have to scroll to see all of the content (logo and rotating tag lines). Everything should rearrange itself (responsive) to fit whatever container its in, with no scrolling.

I think #4 might be the most challenging requirement.

Here is the website I have started putting together.
And here is the share link:

Here’s an attachment of what I’m referring to about being centered both horizontally and vertically:

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

PS - In case anyone is wondering, the reason there can’t be any scrolling to see any of the content is because we’re shooting for a magazine style website. To get to other pages (which don’t exist right now), you’ll swipe/drag/click and the content on the screen will change (kind of like the Flipboard app).

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Hello @344kellogg :slight_smile:

All of these things are possible in Webflow :slight_smile:

  1. Set a section or slide to full 100% width, 100vh for height with a background image set to cover.

a. Make a div with absolute positioning and give it a max width, and set it’s width to 100%.
b. Add a slider with the text inside on each slide
c. Add the logo image inside the same div (beneath the slider)
d. Create a div with the same settings (different class name) which holds your form and add a hover interaction to that div when you hover the logo.

  1. Making a site responsive is what Webflow was built to do :smile:



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Absolutely possible to do this 100% Webflow.
@Waldo: You just connected all the dots and, in the way, helped me with the position tips.


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