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Is it possible? webflow freeplan hosting using a custom domain

Hello, I am new in the community and I have a client asking me to design a LP at the moment.
I suggested Webflow for its flexibilities in the design process. However, he does not want to go for a basic plan or CMS plan and wants to keep his custom domain name.
I have read that it is possible to host on Netlify using the custom domain, which can be done free.
However, it costs me to go for an account plan if I want to export the codes.
Do you have any other solutions or tips?
I really appreciate your opinion.
One more question…I am not an expert in tech, but does it work to use a subdirectory to host on webflow/netlify?

Thank you for reading!

@azusat - Welcome to the forum.

A website that is publicly accessible can be cloned offline using commonly available tools. A localized clone could be used as the source of a new site pretty easily. If you wanted to know more you could head to your favorite search engine. I do this for clients that can’t export their own sites yet hold the rights to the content.

I am not clear about your question. Can you elaborate?