Is it possible to upload my personal static files under a specific path?

The app we’re building is based on Webflow, however, some pieces of the pages are developed using react and are embedded via iframe to provide some extra functionality

Just wondering if there’s a way to place the build/dist of our react mini-apps to a subfolder on the Webflow so that we can embed the iframes using the same domain name as the rest of the Webflow-app?

This is needed for more seamless Parent-Iframe communication, if domain names are the same in both we can omit communication via postMessage but to do that we need to upload the build/dist to a Webflow subfolder/path

e.g. my page, that’s using Iframe is living under:

and I want to host my react apps (static build output) to:

and use it like this

<iframe src="" />

is that possible? I know there’s an alternative without iframes at all when we host the embeddable part somewhere (e.g. S3) in form of embeddable <script> but wondering if that’s possible via iframes the way I described above.

Thanks for any input!

Two options…

Host the entire site on a different platform, but then you lose the CMS, ECommerce, Memberships, etc.

Or, do a reverse proxy setup to handle your domain name and routing and effectively combine your servers under one domain.