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Is it possible to sell an Item for $0.00?

I’m working on a non profit site that wants to sell tickets to events but wants the option to have the Item be available for free. I noticed, if I set the price of a varient to $0, you’re unable to place the order… I love that it still proceeds to checkout and that it doesn’t ask for credit card info, but then you cant place the order :sob:.

Is there a solution to this? I just love the idea of all the ticket sales staying under the ‘Orders’ tab. Free or not.

Hope that makes sense!

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I believe free orders only work with Stripe as the gateway.

Could you set the price of the item at .0001
then when at checkout basically, if the total is less than .01 turn off
the payment requirement and process the sale?

With Stripe it works fine both on item and the whole order. Using it my self