Is it Possible to Redirect to a payment gateway after form submission

I have a client requirement that, after a customer fills out the forms Including a few checkboxes displaying the amount to pay. Once they select the checkbox and press the submit button, it should redirect them to a payment gateway (in my case, PayPal) with the selected amount. Is this possible?

pls note my intention is for donation purpose not for e-commerce

After a customer completes the form and selects the checkboxes indicating their donation amount, it’s quite standard to redirect them to a payment gateway like PayPal. This process can be implemented using various methods, depending on your website’s backend technology.

For instance, if you’re using a CMS like WordPress, there are plugins available that can handle this. Alternatively, if it’s a custom website, you might need to write a bit of code to capture the form data and then use PayPal’s API to create a payment request with the specified amount. PayPal’s API documentation provides clear instructions on how to do this.