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Is it possible to re-order the interaction triggers?

Hi all,

Is it possible to re-order the triggers on an interaction? I’ve one interaction which has got around 15 triggers on it, but I need to insert a further trigger almost nearly top so it is done first. Is this possible?



The position of a trigger in that list doesn’t have any effect on when the trigger triggers. It all has to do with what type of trigger it is and the timing you have set within the trigger.

hope this helps


Are you sure?
I have 2 triggers on an interaction that only work in a particular order, even with delays.

  1. One is to hide all sections classed as hidden.
  2. The second is to make visible one particular section.

Works in the order of ‘1’ then ‘2’, but not ‘2’ then ‘1’, with or without a delay for ‘2’.

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