Is it possible to pick state and profession to get an insurance quote


I want to help small business owners get a quick insurance quote. I want visitors on my home page to pick a state and profession and then click my CTA, which is ‘get a quote’.

Insurance is regulated by the state. So the type of insurance available changes based on the state you live it (i.e. you can buy a business owners policy in New York but not Virginia).

I know there are alternatives by separating these steps, but I’d like to visitors to choose the state and profession on the home page.

Is it possible to build this logic in Webflow? The below image shows how it looks on a rival website.

You can do the following: you will create a view model that contains all possible types of insurance that you can request from the state or industry. Then you can create one class for each type of insurance (for example, insurance for entrepreneurs, businessmen), which includes data about the country (state) and industry. This can be done with a view model (which can have multiple views or use the “ViewModel” template). Think of your errors and omissions insurance policy. Customers need to be clear about the terms they sign a contract with you.

Only seven basic policies are used nationwide (except in Texas). A homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage is assembled from these standard instruments. Common additional conditions imposed by the policyholder are usually a requirement for inflation, giving some increase in policy cost and deductibles, a minimum level of loss that the policyholder covers on their own.