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Is it possible to make this on Webflow? And What is this called?

I would like to make stacks of cards and would want to be able to click on the previous cards and make them appear on top? not truly sure how to accomplish this and would like to have unlimited # of cards but only show top three (and without using collections)

I’m pretty sure you can do this natively in Webflow with a lot of stress. :wink:

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With interactions this is possible, but it would require some complex interactions to create.
Not impossible, but depends on how much time you want to invest :wink:


change the zindex with jquery.

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You can change z-index with the transition timing panel :wink:

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@PixelGeek hey thanks. I didn’t know that.
I can see interaction:zindex… will need to play with changing the value :slightly_smiling:

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