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Is it possible to make logo in the nav a link to home?

Hey Guys,

I have browsed around and couldn’t find the answer I am looking for. If it does in fact live in the forum please direct me to where and I apologize ahead of time.

I am wanting to know if it’s possible to make the logo block in the default nav a link. When I tried to add the link box a red error box populated stating I could not place a link box in an already navigational area?

I appreciate the help ahead of time. Btw, I love webflow, please keep up the awesome work guys!

Sean K

Hey @seank

When you say the logo block do you mean the block labeled “brand”? The reason you are getting an error message is that it is already a link block by default. Select the block then open the settings panel and set the link destination to the home page.

Hope this helps,

If not let us know and post your read only link to the design. Here is how.


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@AlexN - That worked sir. Thank you very much.

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