Is it possible to make a system for checking homework assignments in a personal account?

Hi everyone, thank you very much in advance to anyone who shows interest in my dilemi.

I have a task to make a platform for learning Polish. And the main problem is to make a personal cabinet for the student, where he will have tasks and forms for communication with the teacher. He can send his homework and voice messages to that form. And he can also receive messages and voice messages from the teacher. But there is also a chat room.

And is it possible to make an office for the teacher, where he will view his students, check their homework and communicate with him, and give feedback.

If this is possible, you could share resources and if there is someone who has experience in this, it would be interesting to hear in brief how it is realized.

Enable file upload for students to submit their homework or assignments. Store these files securely and associate them with the respective students and tasks.

Hey Vlad,

What you are describing is quite difficult to built - especially with the chat feature.

That being said, it is possible.

You can use Memberstack & something like Talk.js so that members have set roles, permissions, and areas to store their data.

While your use case is unique, I have a free template & tutorial on making something similar - check it out here.

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Wooooow, thank you very much, you saved meπŸ™

No problem!! Glad to help