Is it possible to loop 70% of a Lottie Animation and finish on trigger?

Thanks in advanced for those chiming in and helping a newbie. I am just wondering if this is possible!

Here is the timeline of the 15s Lottie (eg.):
1-6s = First Animation Loop
7-10s = Outro Animation

Is it possible I can create an interaction where on page load this Lottie loops on the first animation loop, and when triggering an interaction (hovering or clicking on it) it , from whichever part of the loop its in (say 3s), would scrub forward (not skip) to the start of the Outro Animmation (7s) play it and stop on 10s.

Right now the way i do it is split the lottie to 2 seperate animations and hide/reveal the lotties on interaction, but thats more work and is jankie as it skips through the animation (from that eg. above the frames from 3-7s would be cut).

Thanks again!