Is it possible to host another static web app on webflow and place it under the same domain?

Hello. I’m working in a project where we just put out the public version of our site on webflow. We have another static site (a react gatsby application) that is under authentication that we would like to host on the same domain as our webflow app. Would these pages, that when built just is static html files be possible to host together with our public part on webflow?

Consider the following example: → webflow-page → webflow-page → points to private app → points to private app

You won’t be able to host the content of your Gatsby app on Webflow’s servers alongside your site, but you could forward your domain to the React site.

Netlify is probably your best bet here, and depending on traffic you could probably host it free. They have some documentation here specifically regarding Gatsby builds.

Thanks for the quick response!

Maybe you could use a subdomain like and set your dns settings so the react app faces it.