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Is it possible to host a pdf without placing a link on a page?

I need to have a pdf file up on the website but not place a link anywhere. We want to post a link or print out a flyer with the link that will take them to a pdf coloring page to download but the link won’t be up anywhere on the website. is this possible or should I host the pdf somewhere else? Or create a link block that links to the pdf but then have the display set to none which will create the link I need? Which is more appropriate and best-practice for this?

@JustJoe do you host your website on webflow or somewhere else?

I’m hosting the website on Webflow.

This is the link to your asset, but you get a very long url. Maybe better to host it somewhere else.
Or you build a simple landing page with only a download button.

Thank you. I ended up hosting it s/where else and linking to it there. Thanks!