Is it possible to have visitors interact and leave messages and/or add images?

I’ve been tasked with creating a site that once people fill out a form on the site, they then get an option to leave a message, which in this case would appear as an image.
So as more people fill in the form, the more notes get left on the site and it visually becomes more populated with these images that others could then view.

Is this at all possible and any help with getting started on this would be amazing.

The leaving-message part is pretty trivial using Logic and the CMS.
As is the display of that CMS content.

However the text-to-image part is something you’d need to build separately, and I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with that. Pretty decorated images with responsive text sizing?

Maybe look at a to Canva API solution that uses the CMS item create as the trigger. In your collection list you’d list only the items that have images successfully created.

But that’s a massively complicated step, unless your end goal is something like Instagram posting, I’d probably avoid the image step altogether.

Thanks for replying!

Is this just a matter of taking form information and connecting that to CMS to then show on the site?
As for the image - it will be me supplying the images on my end, as it’s just something to visually show the notes left on the site.

Logic will allow you to capture the form data and create the CMS item. You’ll need to refresh the page to see the new item you’ve created.

Ahh I must have completely missed the logic beta. Seems to be super straight forward looking into it. Thank you so much for your help.