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Is it possible to have a nav menu item go to an Author Page?

I’m just looking at adding a drop down to the free Excape CMS webflow blog template.
Want the menu to have a way for the user to go to the site’s author pages.
If its not possible, any work around suggestions?


Here’s my site link:


The authors page it’s a blank page that get fill with the author info that live in their own url. If you want all the authors in one page, you need to create another page and add a dynamic list that bring all the info from authors!

Thanks for the reply!

Not exactly what I’m looking for. In the drop down “Our Team”. I want people to be able to select an author individually. In other words, to view the page with just one author, just like how it is shown in the collections.

In the site, if you click on the author, it takes you to their page- that’s the page I want to be able to link to. Is it possible for the user to be able to access that view of that page from a menu item in the nav section?

I hope this makes sense. Thank you!

At the moment the only way you can do that is manually set the url of each author

OH. So my author’s URL is in the collection area?

Well that worked! But it opens in a new tab, even though I would rather it stay in the site.

If this is not possible, then the easiest might be to just create author pages so the links simply go to those pages. What do you think?

If I do make individual pages, would I still be able to pull their latest blog posts?

Thank you and to anyone else that can make some suggestions. :slight_smile:

Once is published the links should start opening in the same tab

omg. Thank you so much. I’ll try it!

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