Is it possible to export CMS content as a CSV

Hi there,

I have recently created a website for a client using Webflow.

Here is the link to the site in designer mode:

And here is a link to the site hosted via Webflow:

Now then, my client wants me to upload the site to his own server. I have managed to this via Filezilla and it is currently up and running (see link:, however, I have now realised that the CMS collections have not properly been trasnferred.

I have seen that there is a new feature to ‘Export CMS content as a CSV.’ So I have exported all the collections but how do I get these CSV files and point them to the webflow CMS collections via Filezilla.

I don’t know if this makes sense but put simplistically how do I get the gallery pictures up and running on the private server?

If you have any questions to help clarify my problem or suggestions to help solve the problem it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Here is a recent discussion about this that you can review that should answer your question.