Is it possible to decrease the number of columns for the tablet and mobile screen size?


I’m just creating my first website on Webflow and I’m at the stage where I am happy with the layout of my website for desktop screens. I am now trying to reposition the layout to fit tablets and mobiles. Is it possible to decrease the number of columns so the tablet shows 2 columns and mobile just shows all projects on 1 column, without effecting the desktop layout?

Also, the 2nd problem I have (and most definitely won’t be the last, I’m sure) does anyone know why the project’s with a longer name won’t go onto two lines? I’ve played around with the ‘breaking’ but the text either overlaps onto one line or protrudes onto the other column.

Please help!

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Hi @Sarah10
Using columns is quite limiting. You’d be far better off using a div block with Flexbox and using div blocks inside with a width percentage to control how many columns are visible on each breakpoint.
You could also consider Grid as an alternative.