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Is it possible to create offers via weflow and wordpress integration

Hello all,
I have been working with webflow for a few weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised.
I am commissioned for a real estate marketer to design a website, this has only a few requirements, the rest is left to me.
The website should run on Wordpress, because we have programmed our own plugin, this runs only on Wordpress. The connection of Webflow and Wordpress should not be a problem or ?

For the customer it is important to show real estate offers on the website, for this I would like to have like Ebay a window in which all data are entered and Webflow then creates a post / offer.

hope you can help me.

Kind regards

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Hi Yassine, welcome :webflow_heart:

The best I can suggest You is to visit Webflow university and read this tutorial about the integration of Webflow with WordPress. Hope it helps :slight_smile: