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Is it possible to create an <i> tag (if so, how)?

Is it possible to create an <i> tag? If so, how can I do that.

I looked around the Designer and couldn’t figure it out.

the <i> tag is basically an italics tag. You can select text in most text elements and apply the italics, which would wrap your selected text in <i>s

I should have been more specific.

I want to create an <i> tag for icon fonts – such as <i class="fa fa-th'></i>, not to add emphasis to text.

In short – it would be nice if we could add a <span> element that we could then be able to change the tag to <i> if we wish. Both have their uses.

Either way, thanks for answering.

You still can do this, except within rich-text components, as you cannot add classes to those.

But for static elements, you can apply italics to selected text, then add fa and fa-* classes.

I was able to add a text element and the required classes and the icon showed up. However, it was a <div> tag, not an <i> tag.

Of course, it works – so the actual tag is not that crucial. What I want is a font icon, not a particular tag.

Also, when I add emphasis to the text, it uses a <em> tag, not an <i> tag.

Either way – for my particular needs at this time I have the functionality that I need – so the particular tag now is not that crucial.

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Here is the answer Webflow gave me:

Basically, you use the Custom Code to put in the tag