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Is it possible to create an actionnable to-do list?

Hello :sunny:

I’m looking to create pages of to-do list about various subject. The way I did it now is the simpler one : having a list of items to do. But that’s not really engaging. So I’m trying to have next to those items a checkbox. Which I’ve done by making a form of my to-do list.

But now, there is 2 things I’d like to do :

  1. When all the checkboxes are checked, whatever the order, it would automatically triggers an action. Like going on another page saying Well Done.
  2. If someone starts checking boxes, quit, and come back, I’d love for him/her to see the boxes still checked.

Are those possible ? I’ve checked on webflow youtube channel and on the forum without luck…

Thank y’all and good day :beers:

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