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Is it possible to collect payment for a service within a webflow form?

Hey all,

I’m trying to understand if it’s technically possible to collect payment within a webflow form for a service.

Imagine, a job board website, where you want to allow payment for posting a job. I’ve look using either the ecommerce checkout solution but it’s not really meant for either digital goods or recurring payments. Memberstack seems like a great solution but I need to force users to signup which makes it longer to post a job (the advantage here being allowing recurring payments - subscription-like).

Is it technically possible to embed stripe with potentially different plans within a webflow form, and validate payment details before submitting entries?

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This is similar to what I’d like to make (marketplace for services). Have you had any success with payment collection in webflow?

@keithfuller Somehow. Really not straightforward and limited a little by options. This is the closest I got to this 6 months later: How to tie checkout for a digital good to a form submission together without 3party tools - #7 by Gail_Ranger

Yikes. Yeah, those options aren’t very straightforward, are they. Sorry this is proving difficult!