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Is it possible to choose which cms items appear in a collection list?

I have a cms based portfolio works great but I would love to create custom pages that cater to each company I send my portfolio to. (each company would have a custom page that shows only a select number of cms posts)

I was thinking of using conditional visibility but I can’t see that working unless I have loads of option switches (I’m planning on having 20+ custom pages).

I did think if I had a text field that just had names of each company would it be possible to look through that text field to see if the select company needed is shown?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Rahul Islam Portfolio

I would recommend using another collection and a multi reference field.

Create another CMS collection called Companies with a multi reference field that links to your portfolio items.

Instead of creating static pages for the companies you can then use a CMS template page.

When you add the works collection list you can filter based on your multi reference field.

Perfect Thank you so much