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Is it possible to change a Webflow CSS class using the Webflow API?

Hey people,

I have a webflow template that we use to create websites faster (see here: hlb-design-system - Webflow). It has a bunch of pre-made components and classes (colours, bordes, fonts, buttons…)

To work hand in hand with this template, we have a Figma file (here: Figma) with the same pre-made classes.

Is there a way to “bulk update” the webflow classes using the webflow API so that we get started on the new site even faster?

I hope my question makes sens. Happy to give more details if need be :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for all the help!

Did you look at the API documentation?

Hey webdev, I had a look and found no mention of CSS classes in the documentation appart from when talking about updating CSS color values in the CMS…

As you have seen it is not an option. I wish it was different.