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Is it possible to call a CMS Item/Field outside of a dynamic list?

I’m hitting some limitations in webflow as I have too many CMS collections and I can’t nest them more than twice.

Is it possible for me to reference a CMS field/item outside of a CMS wrapper?

In the example I’d like to make the div border colour and text mirror the schedule boxes at the top of the page. The schedule itself is a CMS collection with a name and colour associated with each box.

I’d like to apply some dynamic styling to the accordions as well as text strings that come from the schedule item name, but I can’t actually do this natively because each accordion div reveals a container with about 4-5 other CMS collections in it. I can’t nest it and if I duplicate the schedule CMS wrapper I run out of collections on a single page.

Obviously there is a good reason why Webflow has limited us… just not sure if someone has found a workaround for this.

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