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Is it possible to build other pages with webflow around a custom site?

We currently have a site that loads in Vue.JS as a single page application as our main homepage ( It is Fintech site that uses several resources on the back-end to bring users through sign-up flow and ultimately to the main dashboard. What I would like to do is just use Webflow to surround the main custom landing page ( with all of the remaining pages we’d like to build in our sitemap. Examples:

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Hi @Angelo_Alessio, to my knowledge its not possible to direct a subfolder to another IP/Webflow.

What I’ve seen done and suggest is that you move your homepage to Webflow and the rest of the App side of things to a subdomain like

That makes sense, thank you!

You may be able to use a partial reverse proxy. If you search these forums for that phrase you will find a few threads on it. I have never personally set this up so can’t comment on it.

As @dennyhartanto mentioned, using a subdomain seems to be the most common way of achieving this with Webflow.

OK we’re ready to do this! But it is a bit confusing on the actual execution part (Confusing domain situation). Just trying to show our beautiful new site off!