Is it possible to build multi-site/multi-user projects in Webflow?

I am a lone developer developing an idea into a MVP. The idea is a blogging mobile app in which users can write and publish posts to their own private web site. There will be one main domain eg and users will publish to a sub-domain eg or possibly a sub-folder structure eg

To do this I need a platform API to support creating, updating and deleting web page posts - including rich text, images and videos. The API also needs to support the management of users to enable creating or deleting users/web sites (and the corresponding management of the matching sub-domains).

I am trying to work out if webflow will support this functionality and if so how it would charge for it.

I have no funding and so am being very careful to do this on as minimal budget as possible. The financial model for the app is “freemium”, with most users using the app for free. At the start I will probably only have a handful of users, but need it to scale if the app takes off.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on the suitability of Webflow to this project.

I would say no. You would need a site plan for each subdomain which is not practical for your model.

There are better tools / frameworks for what you are looking to do. Which ones depend on your skill sets.

Take a look at Ghost.