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Is it possible to add an effect to the dropdown element of webflow elemnents panel?

Is it possible to add an effect to the dropdown element of webflow elements panel ?

I saw some tutos but nowhere they talk about effects with dropdown elements of webflow element panel.

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Yes it is! When you select the dropdown element and add an animation, an element trigger option called ‘dropdown opens’ becomes available. You can use this to set animations triggered when the dropdown opens and closes. If you run into any issues while trying to set an animation on close, try going to the settings tab on the dropdown and adding a close delay. I think there may be some limitations with the native Webflow dropdown, but hopefully this will allow you to do what you need to without having to build a fully custom dropdown menu!

Hi Jamie,
I well understood what you said, but could you please tell me why my effect doesn’t work ?
I made some research and I found out this Tuto in order to know what’s happening but my effect still doesn’t work… :roll_eyes:

Go to the Dropdown List class and set its overflow to hidden, then it should work!

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Yes Jamie,
Thanks a lot :wink:

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When overflow option is set off a gap displayed and I can’t reduce it.
Do you have an idea ? There isn’t margin nowhere.

I figure out the solution,
Thanks again.

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It’s ok for the effect on “deontologie” button.

But I trying to apply the effect on the two others dropdown buttons. For that I set the two others with the same class “dropdown”, I selected class button instead element buton in the effect panel, I set a “close delay” on each dropdown button. But doesn’t work. :thinking: