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Is it possible having a button which prints a file on Webflow?

I can easily make a button which opens up a PDF in a new tab and users can print it from the browser, but that’s a little awkward (2 steps for users), and the actions on the new tab are disappearing after a while? Is there a way to make the button print the file instead of opening the file?

Try this thread

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First, consider the ramifications to the user by auto-printing, especially in a corporate environment. The expected behavior is to load the PDF then the user can save it, or send it to a printer of their choice. Most people save PDF’s today versus printing.

You may want to look at how to print an external page without opening it at

I have not used this technique with a PDF, only with content generated by a web app.

Hope this helps you make a decision or leads you to a solution that works for you.