Is it just me or you guys doing this too?

Or is everyone excited for a new update every time they log into Webflow? I just wait for that pop up like Christmas is coming! :slight_smile:


Hahaha Iโ€™m the same :smiley: Everytime I click on my dashboard shortcut, I wonder whatโ€™s going to pop :smiley:

Hehehe, I know the feeling! Also when it is not necessary to open the dashboard I decide to open it hoping for a small or bigger (Interactions 2.0!!) surprise. :grinning:

It is always exciting to know about new updates every time i log in

I would just DIE ON THE FLOOR to open it and see CMS IMPORT AND EXPORT. It would literally change my life at this point and all things would be done with Webflow. What a major thing to take this long.

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