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Is It Illegal To Use a VPN for webflow?

There are some ways to use VPNs for using webflow and other services. However, Is that entirely legal?

If you are, for example, located in the UK and you want to use webflow to hide your IP. looking for advice on this

VPN’s per se are not illegal, illegal could be the way you use them. Depending on the reason behind hiding your IP the use of the VPN could be consider illegal, but the services that VPNs provide are not illegal.

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But why would you want that?

I think that it is ok to use VPN for this, there are only few exceptions that makes VPN usage illegal. But I think that everybody understands about what we are speaking about, so there is no explanation needed… It is a website that includes a lot of VPN providers and there is a special description for each one. So it is very easy to chose one that will perfectly fit yourself and the work that you’re doing.