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Is it bad practice to have too many CMS collection list on 1 page?


I’ve got products that are categorised in 3 types.
In this example displayed in the image, I’ve got 22 CMS collection list on 1 page:

  1. Oil-Type - 2 CMS collection lists

  2. Brand- 4 CMS collection lists

  3. Size/Quantity- 16 CMS collection lists

As per client requirement, I’ve created a ‘filtering/sorting’ system using tabs and buttons. I’m not a coder, so I don’t know how to implement mix-it-up nor isotope.

On other product category pages, I may have 100+ CMS collection lists on 1 page only. So, is it bad practice to have too many CMS collection lists on 1 page?

Thank you for your inputs. :slight_smile:

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No, pages are limited to 20 collection lists, for all plans. So you may have to rethink your strategy.

Anyhow, this limitation is meant to keep your site reactive and fast loading. So there is nothing that prevents you to use the max number of col lits you can (20). So at 16 you’re fine, nothing against it.

Your sites are published as flat in most of the cases so having a lot of CMS things on a page should not slow the page down. Maybe with search, filtering and pagination you can feel a difference but I have yet to test this.

Oh, I didn’t know this. :confused: Anyway, thank you for your quick reply.
Et bon anniversaire, @vincent ! :birthday::tada:

@vincent Is there a limit on the number CMS collection lists you have on a website?

100 pages max × 20 col list max = 2000 collection lists max on static pages. Then you have all the templates and the CMS nodes pages (2000 max, 10k on business)
20 collections max per site on CMS site plan, 40 on Business site plan (fields per collection is 30/60)
Then CMS plan limits the site to 2000 CMS items, 10k for business site plan.

Hahaha, thank you very much :smiley:

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Right, yes! This info’s listed on the pricing page! Sorry for asking. :sweat_smile: