Is Flow Bot from Dumka secure?

I would like to try Flow Bot from Dumka,

It seems nice. But i share my API Token with them, which is a security issue. If they can read my conversation with “the flow bot” they have access to my beloved website. Or am I wrong?

Specially since Telegram Bots have a Security Problem.

Has anyone tested it? Any complains?
Thanks for some Tips.


I’m wondering about the same thing.
Have you found a solution? I’d love to have a bot to upload content into Webflows CMS.

Merci, Ruben

Why don’t you ask authors? They probably aware of the vulnerability and either have a reassurance or not :smiley:


Sorry for upping the post after 11 days but I recently created an App for this purpose : Phoneflow. It use OAuth so you keep full control over it and you can disable it when you want. And for security the mobile application do request only to webflow and no other server will see your data.

It’s only available on Android for now so I hope this is your mobile os :

Feel free to give me feedback for improvement.

Creator of Phoneflow