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Is exported webflow code mobile-friendly?

Hey everyone,

So this may seem like a dumb question (apologies if it is) but I need to export some sections of my website to upload on another platform. After making a website mobile-friendly in the designer to my liking, will the HTML/CSS still remain in tact once exported and uploaded? I am specifically referring to navigation bars. I am not too familiar with mobile development.


Yes, all the exported code will include breakpoints that will apply the styles settings you’ve created in the designer.

Thanks @aaronocampo! I initially tried uploading just the HTML and CSS files to the platform but it didnt seem to render on mobile. Does the JS file also need to be included? It seems to have information pertaining to mobile functionality but I’m not sure.

yes, I will recommend uploading all of the files

Awesome. I’m so used to building just on Webflow that I get paranoid exporting and uploading elsewhere :sweat_smile:

No problem, out of curiosity which platform are you using?

It’s connected/subdomained with BigCommerce. Not sure if you’re too familiar with their Stencil system but I’d rather not work with all the dynamic functionality since it’s not needed for this. I’m simply trying to replicate the header and footer into a BigCommerce store