Is downloading ebooks after payment possible in webflow?

Hi everyone! I’ve used webflow for a few basic sites and it’s great. A client has asked me if I can design and develop a simple single page site with the ability to download an ebook once the user has paid. I’m not sure where to begin! Is this possible using webflow? Thanks in advance for any advice/help! :smiley:

Hey @gemkr,

I’m 99% sure @foxy does that very well.
Foxycart can be linked to webflow very easily.
I’m sure they will help you on that.
Have a nice day,

EDIT : They do it

@zbrah Thanks for recommendeding Foxy!

@gemkr Nice to meet you! Foxy can handle all of your ebook management and delivery needs. You can learn more here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started. I’m more than happy to put together some demos for you.


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