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Is built-in analytics accurate?

That’s my whole question really :joy: . Is built-in analytics accurate or does it track bots etc as well? I’ve been working on a new site with webflow. Since it’s mostly bits and pieces that are completed, I hadn’t really bothered installing analytics yet.
I didn’t think the site would get traffic so I focused on other projects. Coming back to it today, I saw the site’s had 100 or so visitors in the last 30 days, could that be right?
Not sure if this is the right forum category?
Thanks for any ideas :slight_smile:

Where are you finding built-in analytics?

Edit: Well, would you look at that, there is built-in analytics!

Doesn’t appear to be even remotely accurate, to me.

It’s under ‘general’ in the dashboard. Just a basic visitor counter

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whoops! That is a big difference! Doesn’t seem to be accurate then. Anyone have other results? I didn’t do anything to the site so my own visits shouldn’t skew things.

Here are stats from another site with much less traffic. I’m having a difficult time even understanding how Webflow’s version can be this far off.

Thanks! Not sure what the point of it is then :thinking:

Hi folks – just wanted to step in here and say – all analytics tools can have differences, especially when it comes to metrics like “unique visitors”. I’d wager that Webflow’s built-in metrics are done server-side rather than via a JavaScript tracker like Google Analytics, but that’s a guess.

Biggest reason for differences like this: a lot of people out there block Google Analytics with ad blockers and content blockers. In addition, it’s another piece of JavaScript to load so won’t load for every single visitor – if the tracker doesn’t load, the tool won’t count it. So GA’s numbers may be lower than they should be.

That said, Webflow’s numbers, if done server-side, may also pick up a lot of “bot” traffic and non human visitors from crawlers etc. This will make Webflow’s numbers higher than they should be.

Probably best to keep both Webflow and GA around to compare over time – the peaks and troughs should (!) be consistent with each other, even if the absolute numbers are off.

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it can’t be accerote I have had my website online for 4 days and up to 21000 views then I used google analytics and in 1 hour I had 6 people view my website but on Webflow said I had over 2000 views in that time !
Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 14.45.01|690x153

@jamesgill answer describes this pretty well, If we get insight from WF, then this discussion will have more ground to continue

Hello, so for what you describe, the webflow numbers should always be higher than Google Analytics, right ?
So how do you interpret the results of @Cricitem, where Google Analytics shows much higher numbers ?

As you’re all concerned about good numbers for analytics, I suggest you to vote for this feature here, if not already done !