Is anyone running a Webflow Ecommerce store in India?

Looks like we may be the first! Lol jk, we just haven’t been able to find anyone doing this yet. If anyone is out there using Stripe in India + Webflow, please reach out to us! We’d love to discuss issues faced, best practices, share what we’re learning, etc.


Hi Tanveer @Mutant_X,

I was planning to use Webflow + Stripe India to build an e-commerce store in India earlier this year. However, from my research I got to know Stripe India only supports Standard Connect which doesn’t allow platforms (Webflow) outside India to collect application fee (2% transaction fee). So, I had to drop the idea of using Webflow with Stripe India.

I would still be interested to know if you were successfully able to use it or had to use third party integrations with Webflow to use payment gateways in India. Could you please share your experience using Webflow eCommerce in India?


Hey @sahitya,

Great to hear from a fellow Webflow user in India! We were doing a POC for Webflow Ecommerce in India since the Shopify + Webflow integration sounds good for a small inventory list, but would be very hard to manage for constantly changing collections.

We looked into hosting everything within Shopify and then exporting Webflow pages and integrating them into the Shopify site - not good for making site updates; the client also losses access to the Webflow Editor.

In our portfolio we are not currently using Webflow Ecommerce for anything… Shopify standalone or Wix + Shopify are powering our current clients. I would NOT recommend using Wix + Shopify since there are too many iFrame integration issues (can discuss that in more detail if you’d like) - we were stuck with it since the existing client sites were already built in Wix and their team was very used to the Ascend lead-gen tools.

Another option is to host eCommerce with Shopify and then create a “Collection Page”, instead of a single Buy Button per product, and then embed these collection pages into Webflow where the width is set and height is adjusted based on the number of collection items. This doesn’t have the best design aesthetic to it, but will get the job done. This also gets you “Cart” functionality.

Let me know if you have any success with Stripe India, I am also reaching out to them to learn more about this.

I’d love to build a full Webflow Ecommerce experience since the design aesthetic can be amped up!

Hi Tanveer, Asif here.

I am currently using Webflow & Shopify for ecommerce for one of my projects.
Building the site using Webflow (CMS Plan) and then in every collection page there would be a shopify buy button. That will connect us with shopify for payments and order processing.

Hi @sahitya, please vote for this here:


Hey @Graphic_Bunnies! Thanks for your comment - that seems to be the best method for smaller inventory lists. How many items in your inventory? Can you please share a link that we can review for your implementation?

If you could, please vote here for this feature request I’ve submitted:

Thank you!

There is a inventory of 200+ Products. Yes, Thats huge need some manual work. But we are able to achieve lots of things. Already voted. :love_you_gesture:

200+ is a lot! Are you generating a new Buy Button link, or embed code? Is this for each product, and then you are adding it to the Webflow CMS for that product?

Or, are you generating a full collection page within Shopify and then embedding that into Webflow?

No Not generating full collection page. Only Add to Cart button.
We dont have to generate 200+ code.
Just code for one item and change the product id.
Product id i am fetching from CMS.

Ah yes, ok. This is the same as webflow university is showing.

So then technically I can write an API GET request in Webflow to update the WEBFLOW CMS product_id from the SHOPIFY CMS API.

Have you looked into this? Perhaps an event trigger that we can create which will send all valid Shopify CMS product_ids to WEBFLOW CMS.

Ohh. thats cool.
But I am not much of a coding person, so would not be able to write the code.
Although i tried to look for some automation online to get product ids but that too need some coding.

Would you be interested in subscribing to an app that would do this? I can whip out an app proof of concept that could link Webflow CMS to Shopify CMS. This would depend on certain restrictions, but can give it a shot.

I made a Google Sheet to Wix tool like this and it’s pretty solid. Able to make easy product updates and stuff without opening Wix.

Thank you @Mutant_X for sharing your experience with multiple platforms. I am currently looking at using Shopify for eCommerce but as a designer, it has been very challenging to customize a theme to include dynamic content or to even combine some sections from two separate free themes. I wish there was an easier way without asking help from a developer.

My next option is to use Webflow CMS with Shopify Buy button since the inventory is very small (<50 products). But, it would require to use and maintain multiple platforms which I am not sure our client would be happy to do.

Webflow + Stripe India integration would be ideal and hope it happens soon. :slight_smile:

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Hi Asif @Graphic_Bunnies,

I wanted to ask, is the checkout page load fast enough when using Webflow CMS + Shopify Buy button? While testing, I noticed the checkout page on Shopify loads slowly (takes a few seconds and noticeable) and I’m not sure if that is because our site isn’t launched yet.

Just wondering if this an issue when integrating Shopify with Webflow? Please let know your thoughts.

No. I didn’t find any issue with the checkout page of Shopify. It’s working fine in my projects.


So I guess I’ll need a Webflow CMS account + Shopify e-commerce plan? Also, will I need to build the whole website in Webflow but the checkout page in Shopify? If possible, can you elaborate the process of integrating Webflow and Shopify?

Thank you

You have to use normal webflow cms + shopify buy button integrations.

Do we need to buy Shopify lite plan to integrate it with webflow?

yes. require lite plan…
But it works better in basic plan. We get come advantages.
Live store:

For the Indian users, can we also use zapier, and connect Razorpay, and webflow in the process?