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Is an upgrade required to have access to animation settings?

Hello! I’m new to Webflow and trying to get the hang of things. I was excited to get started with some of the animation settings that I saw that Webflow provides. However, I can’t seem to access the settings. I am on a free account while I look around the site and decide if I want to have a paid subscription. Do I need to upgrade in order to use the animation features? If not, why would they not be showing up where the tutorial showed them?

Thank you!

There are many tutorials using the old interface, so that’s likely your confusion.

Here is something to read that might help:

When you say “animation settings”, I’m not sure exactly to what you are referring. If you are referring to transitions, then those are located in the Right Side Panel under the Styles tab. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see things under effects. NOTE: You will need a class to expose the options in the Styles tab.

If you mean interactions, those can be found in the same panel, but under the Objects tab.

All pricing tiers get access to the same feature set in the designer, from what I understand.

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Thank you so much!! You cleared up my confusion.

I appreciate it!

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