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Is a single page ecommerce site possible?


Can individual products be placed within cells on a pre styled grid?
Using collection list (grid) to present the products creates a uniform product style/class.
I would like to be able to ‘add to cart’ without navigating onto individual product pages.

Is this possible?


Joe :slight_smile:

yep, you can do this!

Hi Hamish,

Thanks for the reply.

As far as I can tell you can only pull the entire product list as a collection list- with all items with a list given the same style.

Using a normal (non product) collection allows me to create categories and therefore multiple lists (with different styles applied to each) with just a single item in.

Although you can categorise the product list items webflow doesn’t seem to create category ‘lists’.

I’ve got limited experience with the CMS so I didn’t want to spend a load of time going down the wrong path.

Sorry Joe, but you have lost me. It would be better if you explained the specific example in terms of the actual products. collections and user experience desired. It is starting to sound like you are talking about nesting lists of products in a list of collections / categories, but I am not quite sure.

I’ve made it more confusing than it need to be.

I’m looking to do this -

But style / size the individual cells on the grid.


Seeing as you cannot define different styles for items in individual collection items, the approaches you might take:

  • create multiple instances of your product collection for each style required, limiting the number of products to display. I think this is probably best.

  • or create multiple product collection item content and set visibility to display based on a condition from a field in the product collection.

As I said the I’m not too familiar with the CMS so bear with me :wink:

Can there be multiple product collection lists? I thought we were just limited to ‘products’ collection list?

Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

Yes no problems! CMS gets confusing even before you add products into the mix.

So you can add occurrences of the product collection multiple times. So you may have a vertical grid of two products set to show 2 products starting at product 1 or some other filter. You may have a product collection list of one item only. Sorry would demo but can’t right now.

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Cheers Hamish - I’ll give it another crack

Yes You can manage a Single Page Ecommerce Website. It is possible. But you have to check your Open source platform before developing your website.