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Is a Initializing page normal WF practice or even needed?

A bit of history to frame my question regarding Webflow:
I’m a 2 week old WF user.
I began coding HTML before Code Editors. We used Notepad - or similar.
There was no CSS. We styled inline generally and/or between the style tags.
When CSS became popular we learned to start a .css file with a lot of elements being initialized.

∞ With Webflow is there any advantage to doing so . . .

Is that kind of . . normal practice or do WF users not need to bother?

hi @JimF these pinky marked elements are global settings that are predefined by WF. So if you would like to change (mean predefine) global style for these elements you can do so.

I personally changing global setting of margin that WF added on headings. I do not understand why they add these top and bottom margins after striping down browsers initial styling with Normalize CSS

So the advantage is taking control over global styles for these components. But most people leave these predefined values it as they are for good or bad. It is just an option.