Is a duplicate website bad for SEO?

Hi all,
My client has multiple businesses which are all dry-cleaners in the same town. They have different business names and ever-so-slightly different services. He is interested in duplicating the website I built for one business and editing it slightly for another. Would doing this be detrimental for SEO? And if so, how different would the content need to be in order to be ok SEO-wise?

Probably not.


Duplicate Content Google Penalty | Content Marketing Guide.

However, why would you want two sites? Unless the business are quite different, it would be advantageous for customers to know about both locations. One might be near home, and the other near work.

If you’re concerned, you can have some fun with GPT to re-smith the text content, just to give it a different wording and feel.

Thanks for the response! I suppose he doesn’t want a customer to get confused when the website is mentioning certain services that one of the businesses provides but not the other.